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Mission Statement

the Mack and Mabel dog company has been established to help those organizations that work tirelessly to provide a safe, loving environment for each animal in need by preserving their dignity, celebrating their uniqueness and cherishing their soul.

Why the Mack and Mabel dog company? It's a story that all pet lovers everywhere can understand. I am that person whose best friend is truly her dog. For me, it was my black lab, Mack, 106 lbs. of pure love and craziness. From the moment I laid eyes on him at the shelter we were inseparable.

The special bond we shared propelled me to realizing my dream of doing something meaningful for dogs and other animals in need. Although he passed away, Mack continues to be my inspiration.

After losing him and at a time of great sadness, I stumbled upon a little creature on a beach in Punta Cana. She stole my heart and in honor of Mack, I named her Mabel. Thankfully, the stars were aligned and instead of a life filled with days of scrounging for food, seeking shelter from the elements and a profound lack of love, Mabel came home with me to a new lease on life. Now, both she and Mack are the faces of the Mack and Mabel dog company and of all the homeless animals looking forward to a better life.

Sweet Dreams, My Angels.